Police suspect that the New York University student who died yesterday morning after falling off the roof of the Third North Residence Hall might have taken hallucinogenic mushrooms

According to both the New York Post and DNAinfo, police sources claim Titan Lee-Hai, 18, took mushrooms with his roommate. The freshman then allegedly removed his clothes and pulled the building's fire alarm to gain access to the roof before falling from it. His body was discovered in the courtyard of the building around 3:20 a.m. 

Another freshman, Shazi Khurshid, encountered Lee-Hai—who allegedly urinated on the floorjust moments before his fatal plunge. "I was in the elevator, and he just walked in and punched me in the face. He was naked when he walked in," Khurshid told the Post, adding that "it was pretty obvious he was not in his senses."

Lee-Hai, who hailed from Port of Spain, Trinidad, was a liberal arts major and aspiring rapper who performed under the moniker TrizzyKidd. Police were originally investigating his death as a suicide, but are now looking into whether something was wrong with the mushrooms.

[via New York Post and DNAinfo]