Don't force the issue when it comes to romance. 

Thomas Martin Pfeiffer, 22, is staring at five years in prison for kidnapping his girlfriend in Moses Lake, Was., then driving her nearly 2,000 miles to Las Vegas to get married against her will. Virginia Valdez, 23, made it perfectly clear she had no interest in a forced Vegas wedding, but Pfeiffer threatened her with a knife and forced her to remain in the car. What's more, their 22-month-old daughter—who was also in the car—also had to witness this horrible spectacle. This was the worst family vacation imaginable.

The morning after the trip, Valdez exited the car near some gas pumps, lay down on the ground and screamed for help. Police were summoned and Pfeiffer was arrested and charged with kidnapping, assault and unlawful use of a weapon. None of that hurts worse than the rejection.

[via New York Daily News]