If you at any point during Martin Scorsese's most recent film, The Wolf of Wall Street, thought that the f-bomb was dropped quite a few times, there's a reason for that—it was. A lot. According to Variety, The Wolf of Wall Street has broken the record for the most f-bombs in a movie ever, with the word "fuck" being said in some form or another a total of 506 times throughout the course of the three hour film—in other words, 2.81 times a minute.

The previous record holder was Spike Lee's 1999 film, Summer of Sam, in which "fuck" is said 435 times.

This, of course, is no surprise for a Scorsese film—two of his other projects, 1990's Goodfellas and 1995's Casino are both on the top 20 list for most f-bombs in a movie, with Goodfellas at number 12 having 300 instances (about half Joe Pesci's character, unsurprisingly), and Casino at number four having 422 instances.

[via Variety]

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