For whatever reason, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has been identified as the "cool" place to be. Whatever that means. Perhaps it's because it allows people to misuse the word "hipster," which people really seem to enjoy doing.

Anyway, in November, Gawker set out to find the Williamsburg in cities around the world. After months of research, mapping and obsession, they have released the results which identify the once "hip" and currently expensive neighborhoods in several cities worldwide. As a piece of additional insight, they also list the Bushwick in every one of these cities.

For example, L.A.'s Williamsburg is Silver Lake, while it's Bushwick is Echo Park. In D.C. most of the votes for Williamsburg went to H Street Northeast, while Petworth got the bulk of the Bushwick votes. In Philly, Northern Liberties got an overwhelming number of Williamsburg votes, while Fishtown got the majority of the Bushwick votes.

See the full spreadsheet, as well as all of the votes here.

[via Gawker]