The Last of Us has a brand new DLC expansion coming in February in Left Behind. Now developer Naughty Dog has released the opening cinematic revealing a brand new detail about Ellie's ill-fated friend Riley in the trailer above. PlayStation also dropped a behind-the-scenes look with the voice actors from Left Behind.

As if anyone needs more emotional turmoil on Valentines Day – Left Behind drops on Feb. 14 - now fans will be following the ill-fated adventures of Ellie and her friend Riley. Riley, of course, isn't featured in The Last of Us and with a title like Left Behind players can assume something super-happy happens in the end! Irony aside, get ready to cry yourself into a chocolate smudged pile as friendships are ripped apart by the post-apocalyptic future – just like last year's Valentine's Day.

Left Behind is set before the events in The Last of Us when Joel and Ellie meet. This time around the story will focus on the friendship between the two girls and the harsh reality of friendship in the post-apocalyptic world.

The Last of Us: Left Behind drops on February 14 exclusively for PlayStation 3.


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[Via PlayStation Blog]