When Beyoncé and Jay-Z announced that they were going vegan for a "spiritual and physical cleanse," the Internet went nuts. Tumblrs were erected to document the journey, a vegan Jay-Z parody account quickly popped up on Twitter, and it seemed as if everyone had their eyes glued on what fur/leather/pepperoni pizza-inspired ensemble Beyoncé would be wearing to a hot L.A. vegan restaurant next.

Angelenos have unfettered access to numerous farmers markets, soy milk men, juice bars, food swaps, and CSA deliveries, and as such, vegan and vegetarian cuisine in L.A. is constantly changing the game. These day, you can find omnivores and herbivores alike happily enjoying the same establishments without giving each other any food-related side eye. Classics like Real Food Daily and Native Foods will always have a place in our hearts, but there are plenty of new kids on the block to diversify our dining options with this year.

If you're thinking of going vegetarian, embracing meatless Mondays, or simply love yourself a plant- based meal after a hike a Temescal Canyon or Runyon, these are the spots you need to add to your repertoire (if they aren't already your favorites). Skip the food coma and go with a meal that leaves you energized and feeling right.

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