For the past year, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has made a personal habit of trolling AT&T at every possible expense. He’s done it during major keynotes and even got into a Twitter war with the carrier last November. So what would he do for an encore? Crash AT&T’s CES 2014 Macklemore party at the Rain nightclub in the Palms Las Vegas.

While Legere managed to sneak in under the radar, he was quickly escorted out of the party, with security claiming AT&T reps complained to nightclub staffers that he was “harassing” attendees, but Legere’s attests: “I just wanted to hear Macklemore.” At least that's what he told Re/code.

But before doing the boogie, in typical fashion, dude took a shot at Ma Bell by saying he could have cut prices for customers with all the money the carrier spent on its CES party.

You gotta love this dude.

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