Ever receive a gift card and instantly feel bad because you know you're never going to use it? Well now you can swap it for something that will comfort your soul: Porn.

Thanks to Naughty America, you can trade in that gift card that was only going to collect dust somewhere for access to its network and vast library of entertainment. Naughty America even has a totally SFW exchange site that allows you to see how much porn you can get for your gift card. It's a goddamn porn swap meet. For example, a $100 Best Buy gift card can get you 344 days worth of porn. A $100 Best Buy gift card is actually pretty valuable, hence the near year's worth of porn you get in return.

Naughty America founder Andreas Hronopoulos said this was the, um, American thing to do. "Nothing says America like the freedom of choice," he explained, adding that people should be excited about the opportunity to get porn "instead of using a gift card for a $5 coffee." They are.

This decision exhibits both awareness and keen business sense. Know what the people want; in this case, it's smut.

[via The Huffington Post]