A suspicious powder sent to businesses near MetLife Stadiumthe site of Super Bowl XLVlll this Sundayis thought to be cornstarch, authorities in New Jersey say. 

According to NJ.com, Bergen County Executive's Office chief of staff Jeanne Baratta said that letters or substances had been discovered at seven different facilities close to MetLife Stadium, mainly hotels. Baratta added that investigators believe the substance is cornstarch, but have not yet provided official confirmation. 

Both Hazmat units and the Bergen County Bomb Squad were dispatched to the locations. NJ.com notes that law enforcement officials have refused to reveal what the letters said, only mentioning that they were "suspicious." 

A letter containing a suspicious powder was also addressed to former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani this morning. Early tests showed no threat from the powder, and eight mailroom employees from Giuliani's consulting firm, located near Rockefeller Square, were subject to decontamination procedures as a result.

In a statement, New Jersey State Police spokesman Sgt. Brian Polite said that no injuries have been reported, adding that state and local authorities have secured the locations. 

We will update with more information as it becomes available.

[via NJ.com and CBS2]