Here's some advice for young men: Avoid overusing body spray. There's a douchebag spray associated with it, but more importantly, girls don't like it

According to The Cut, Old Spice organized a study which discovered that the majority of young women, men and those young men's mothers agree that too much body spray is a bad thing:

A research firm surveyed 2,000 girls and boys (ages 13 to 25), as well as 1,000 mothers of teenage boys. The researchers discovered that 75 percent of boys, 83 percent of girls, and 72 percent of mothers believe that overspraying is a problem among young men.

Per the study, these boys overspray because they fear the aroma will vanish unless they damn near bathe in it. The reality is that no girls will want to talk to you if you reek of douche.

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[via The Cut]

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