Rick Astley is a unicorn. Darryl Hall-lite with a Luther Vandross voice, he'll forever be remembered for his two his blips on the pop culture radar. He was like a young David Caruso with a calming baritone.

At one point during the late aughts, Rickrolling was so popular that you lived in fear of clicking on a video and being bombarded by the deceptively powerful voice the singer flexed on his '80s triumph, "Never Gonna Give You Up." One student trolled the hell out of his physics teacher, weaving the lyrics to the song into a paper on Danish physicist Niels Bohr.

Sairam Gudiseva is proud of himself, and with good reason. This was well-played, per the usual:

The first word of each line includes the song's lyrics. This is premeditated brilliance.

Thorough and impressive work, sir. Now bask in the retweets.


[via Daily Mail UK]