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During Valves developer days, currently under way, the company revealed the retail version of the controller for the upcoming Steam Machines. Unlike the sleek controller first revealed, the owl-faced peripheral has lost is shiny touch screen and sprouted a set of D-pads.

Valve says it did this in an effort to make it more compatible with existing games, such as the many platformers available on its service Steam. Other details of the controller are that it takes AAA batteries and its programing will allow for up to 16 controllers to be used at any one time. What kinda of games would use 16 controllers? Maybe none, but with the Steam Box's ability to stream is possible to play on multiple screens at once creating the possibly the best house-party gaming smash-ups possible.

While there are many Steam Machines set to drop this year – check out your rundown of the systems here – the controllers will be universal; almost. Like the Steam Machine itself it can be modded, as proved by a 3D-Printed controller, shown below, at the conference.

Stay tuned for more details coming out of Valve's dev-days.

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