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Another day, another massive Star Wars rumor. This time, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that in addition to Jesse Plemons being called in for a Star Wars audition, Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave), Hugo Weaving (The Matrix), and Adam Driver (Girls) are also all in the mix. However, the site is warning that J.J. Abrams and his production team have a lengthy list of names they want to meet with, so nothing here is close to being confirmed.

The article gets more interesting when it details the recent rewrites on the script. Apparently, Michael Arndt’s first draft focused on the children of Luke, Han, and Leia, with the original characters acting more as mentors. However, now that Arndt is off the project, Abrams and Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasden have decided to put the focus back on the classic heroes. The plan is to make the children the focus of Episode VIII and Episode IX.

This changes the entire movie, as well as the casting process. Hopefully Disney gives Star Wars fans some news soon, because the Internet can’t handle many more rumors like this.

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