Ready to have you mind blown? Check out some totally sweet South Park: The Stick of Truth behind the scenes footage with Trey Parker and Matt Stone discussing what they went through to make a game on South Park's terms.

The Stick of Truth has had a long development and being shuffled around by publishers certainly didn't help. Take a look at this video and see some of the other reasons why it's taken so long. Part of the process has been making the game look exactly like what fans see on the show. The quality is the same, you're building your own crappy looking anal probe-filled story.

One of the really interesting things is that while developer Obsidian Entertainment created the engine and assets for the game it was the actual animation staff of South Park the show that put movement into the game, pretty impressive.

The Stick of Truth follows the story of a new kid in town undertaking a new adventure that borrows from the series but is a new story all of it's own for control of the sacred stick of truth. All while mastering the deep inner power of your farts. Players will have to master their special ability, controlling and directing their farts by using the analog sticks and really “feeling it.”

Check out the entire video above and get hyped for a game that truly has the creators hands all over it; if not other parts. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have put their all into this game and just hope it's worthy of the show, or more appropriately; “I hope we don't get a fucking four on Gamespot, that's what I hope.”

For more info on the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth which is set to drop on March 4 on for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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