Midnight City, Majesco's indie publishing wing, is bringing future racer Krautscape and retro throwback brawler Double Dragon: Neon to Steam; they're also dropping Slender: The Arrival on consoles.

Double Dragon: Neon, a reboot of the classic side-scrolling beat-em-up that is dropping on Windows PC via Steam with a whole new suite of features to celebrate the occasion. A new online co-op mode will allow players to share health and psych each other up to execute special moves.

Future racer Krautscape from Mario von Rickenbach is also coming to Steam. The flying cars and color-soaked racetracks are generated by the vehicle in the first place. This ensures that the tracks are built as players drive. No two races will be the same.

And finally, Slender: The Arrival will be coming to consoles for the first time. Blue Isle Studios will bring two new levels to console for the game's debut. Slender Man fans will also notice a new polish on the title for it's first run on consoles.

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