So, you missed out on seeing the exceptional indie film Short Term 12 in theaters last year? Don't worry, many people did. Given a very limited theatrical release, acclaimed indie writer-director Destin Daniel Cretton's poignant drama was hard to find outside of film fests like SXSW, where it topped our list of the festival's best movies. And for good reason—heartfelt, funny, and authentically emotional, Short Term 12 shows life inside a loving but issue-filled group home, anchored by a counselor (Brie Larson, giving one of last year's best performances) with problems of her own.

Those who weren't able to see the film in theaters are in luck. Next Tuesday, January 14, Short Term 12 will hit DVD and Blu-ray shelves, packed with tons of behind-the-scenes bonus features. Trust, it's about to become one of your favorite movies of 2013, even if it's now 2014. To get you ready for it, we've got an exclusive clip focused on co-star Keith Stanfield's (who plays Marcus) raw, heartbreaking rap verse that's heard in one of Short Term 12's most affecting scenes, for which there's a fair amount of "best original song" Oscar buzz.

Speaking with Complex for the film's theatrical release, Stanfield discussed his character's internal struggles. "What we really wanted to portray, out of everything, is that sometimes you see people who lash out and do crazy shit, and you think, Damn, that person's an asshole," said Stanfield. "But sometimes we don't take a look at the broader spectrum to see what it was that brought this person to this point. No baby is born wanting to kill themselves; sometimes, our environment and the way we internalize our environment forces us to do things we'd otherwise never want to do."

Have a look at the video above, and make sure to check Short Term 12 out on DVD or Blu-ray next Tuesday. You can thank us later.

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