So, that's it: Shia LaBeouf is retiring "from all public life," and it is all our faults. According to a series of new (presumably not plagiarized) tweets, LaBeouf announced that "in light of recent attacks" against his "artistic integrity," he is choosing to bow out from the spotlight. It's worth noting that the so-called "attacks" were only prompted because he plagiarized Ghost World author Daniel Clowes, and then proceeded to plagiarize the apologies of famous people on his Twitter for, like, a month. So, it kind of doesn't seem like "artistic integrity" means much of anything to him.

There's no specification what #stopcreating actually means, but it could have something to do with these tweets from a few days ago:

Like, does he want people to stop creating new art and work so that everyone will just have to plagiarize each other until the end of time? Is that what he's saying? That seems kind of impractical.

Then again, this could all also have something to do with the fact that Daniel Clowes' lawyers just sent him a cease and desist order, which he didn't fail to post in full on his Twitter.

Either way—it's not clear if LaBeouf will really be "retiring" from "public life" like he says (whatever that means), but it means this whole stolen apology saga is FINALLY over.