So, it looks like Shia LaBeouf's "retirement" from "all public life" is off to a bit of a shaky start so far. First, it literally took him less than two days to come back to Twitter, just so he could insult Jim Carrey after the Golden Globes:

And now, this: According to TMZ, LaBeouf headbutted a man at the same South London bar where he got into a brawl in 2012, Hobgoblin. Apparently, according to the New York Daily News, the man said something about LaBeouf's girlfriend Mia Goth's mother, and LaBeouf promptly responded with a "Are you fucking kidding me, bro?" and a headbutt right in the face.

You can check out video footage of the incident, courtesy of TMZ, above.

Even stranger than this, however, is actually his video apology for the incident. In addition to posting video of the fight, TMZ also posted footage of LaBeouf's apology moments after the incident, in which he is seen (very) drunkenly rambling some barely cohesive statement:

I'm not trying to have like any more problems, I'm just really trying to make peace. I'm a normal human being, I accept what I get into to do what I love. I'm not trying to s**t on nobody. I am a human being. I am super normal. I'm more normal than most, but when people want to get all hostile and they s**t on my girl's mom and say things that are out of turn... I'm just trying to make peace, you know.


[via Uproxx]