Turns out, those two years of fans waiting impatiently for new Sherlock episodes paid off well for the show: According to Deadline, the series' season three return on BBC One last night in the UK was extremely well received by viewers, and the show managed to pull in its highest ratings yet because of it.

Apparently, a whopping 9.2 million viewers in the UK tuned in to Sherlock's 90-minute season premiere last night, which makes it the most watched episode of the series in the UK, as well as the most-watched drama of the whole holiday period in the UK. Considering it's been two years and both of the show's stars—Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman—have experienced a considerable rise in fame during that time, this isn't particularly surprising, but still impressive.

While Sherlock isn't set to return to US television (on PBS) until January 19, UK viewers will get to see episode two on January 5th, on BBC One. 

[via Deadline]