How's this for the strangest celebrity dating news you'll hear today: While Justin Bieber is off getting arrested in Miami, his ex, Selena Gomez, seems to be moving on from their relationship—with yet another pop singer. According to Us Weekly, 21-year-old Gomez is dating 17-year-old singer Austin Mahone, after the two were set up by their mutual friend Taylor Swift. From a source: "They're seeing each other." 

Anyway, apparently Taylor Swift was a fan of Mahone's after he was her opening act on her most recent "Red" tour, and thought he'd be perfect for Gomez. Additionally, rumors about the two dating have been floating around since at least this past summer, when they were spotted together at Disneyland with some other friends. 

While it's nice and all that Gomez is finally moving on from Bieber, can we take a moment to consider how weird this is? The 19-year-old to 21-year-old age difference between Bieber and Gomez wasn't much, but 21 to 17? A much bigger gap.

Update: According to E! Online, the two aren't dating after all

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