The Rob Ford saga continues. 

Yesterday, Ford's brother-in-law, Scott MacIntyre, filed a lawsuit alleging that Ford ordered a jailhouse beating that left him with a shattered leg and teeth. The suit, which has also been filed against the Minister of Correctional Service and Aeden Petros, claims that Ford instructed the 300-pound Petrosan ex-football player that he once coachedto attack MacIntyre in the Toronto West Detention Center's shower in March 2012. 

The reason for the attack? To keep MacIntyre quiet about Ford's crack and alcohol habits. "They wanted to know if I was going to do the right thingwas I going to keep my mouth shut [about Rob Ford]," he revealed to The Globe and Mail

Furthermore, the suit alleges that Ford and an aide pondered whether MacIntyre should be beaten or killed last year. According to the suit, footage of that meeting went viral, and might indicate who Ford was talking about killing in that memorable ramble the Toronto Star published last November

The Toronto West Detention Center is investigating the beating, and Ford's attorney says MacInty're allegations lack "fact or foundation." Meanwhile, Ford says claims of his role in the alleged assault are ""way out there." Let's hope so, Rob.

[via Gawker and The Globe and Mail]

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