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Last year, Toronto mayor Rob Ford certified himself as a ridiculous person. That's what happens when you admit to smoking crack and sharing your enthusiasm for performing cunnilingus on your wife with a group of reporters in the same calendar year. He's walking, talking viral gold, which makes him a ridiculous person. Ford appears to be drawn to the ridiculous, hence why he owns a bunch of property in Florida:

During an appearance on The Sports Junkies today, Ford revealed that he has "like six" condos in Florida between Fort Lauderdale and Miami:

The Toronto mayor said he has “a few condos” in Hallandale, in southeastern Florida, and “that’s it” on Thursday during his weekly appearance on Washington, D.C.’s The Sports Junkies.

One of the hosts replied “I have zero condos in Florida, Mayor Rob Ford!”

According to the National Post,  Ford and his brother, Doug, are said to be worth millions, despite portraying themselves as regular dudes to Toronto voters. Aside from the properties in Florida, the Fords own several in Toronto and Muskoka, and the company Deco Labels—inherited from their father—has estimated revenue of "tens of millions" of dollars.

As for how frequently Ford visits his Florida property, he says he travels there once a year, but his family goes down regularly. He would say that.

[via National Post]

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