Ladies, are you sweatin' trying to find a Valentine's date? Well, start saving up your paychecks now, because we just found your answer: rent Kam Playa for Valentine's Day, who will fulfill all of your social media needs—for a price.

The up-and-coming-rapper (and entrepreneur?), is renting himself out on Feb. 14, with a slew of different package plans available. Have $20? Then you're still stuck in the Friend Zone. But for $40, you'll be graced with his presence, along with some chocolates. If you're really good at saving your money, you can go all in and drop $300 to date him, and be his #WCW for two weeks.

And people are actually diggin' this idea.

So, if you're worried about what people will think about you if you're not bombarding their news feeds with pictures of yourself with a random guy on Valentine's Day, by all means, rent Mr. Playa. Who cares what story you're going to have to come up with once people ask you where he went in a few weeks, as long as you got Feb. 14 covered, you're good, amirite?