In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day today, take some time to check out these fascinating (and previously unreleased) interviews with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. himself, posted in full on WNYC's website. The interviews themselves were conducted by the founder of NPR's NYC office, Eleanor Fischer, as a part a documentary series she was producing on Dr. King and the city of Atlanta, called Project 62, in the early to mid-1960s. According to WNYC, Fischer spoke to Dr. King on multiple occasions, and the raw tapes of the interviews were only given to the New York Public Radio Archives after Fischer's death in 2008.

In the interviews, Dr. King discusses multiple topics, including his childhood, his reasoning behind joining the ministry over medicine, the struggle for racial equality, and the Kennedy family.

You can check out the interviews over at WNYC's website, here.

[via WNYC]