Eurogamer is reporting that a source close to Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service has revealed that while Sony is focused on bringing streaming PS3 games to its next-gen console and its new PlayStation Now hardware, it will soon refocus of select PS1 and PS2 titles as they are set to follow first under emulations with the possibility of HD visual remakes.

In the past Sony used emulation pre-PlayStation 3 but is reported to be reopening its back catalog to publishers. It was earlier reveled that the PlayStation 3 has built-in PS1 and PS2 emulators and even the PS Vita is capable of running original PlayStation games.

The source also reveals that the PlayStation 4 will have similar software upgrades and is working on fixing problems with emulating from much earlier generations. Also suggesting that many games will get high definition remakes as Sony is already heavy in the HD remastering business as many HD remake titles came out on the PS3.

So this opens up two big possibilities: The first of which is that Sony's upcoming micro-PS3 hardware, the PlayStation Now, will be able to stream titles while the PlayStation 4 owners will have full-on downloadable titles with built in emulators for superior quality.

The future looks bright Tony Hawk fans! What games have you been itching to play from the PlayStation 1 or 2?

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[Via Eurogamer]