Without fail, the Super Bowl draws more than football fans eager to enjoy all the year's biggest sports event has to offer. Super Bowl Weekend is always a smorgasbord of illegal sexual activity, and authorities in Manhattan busted a major sex ring just blocks away from Super Bowl Boulevard

According to ABC New York, undercover agents exited an apartment building at 37th Street and 6th Avenue at 10 p.m. last night with five people in custody. ABC New York adds that four of them were women and "apparent prostitutes." 

Prosecutors allege that the sex ring was working overtime in the wake of the Super Bowl, tempting tourists with drugs such as cocaine and heroin as well as women. 

The NYPD worked in conjunction with the New York Attorney General's OfficeImmigration and Customs Enforcements Divisions, and Homeland Security Investigation Unit to uncover the ring. In the interim, detectives are trying to determine whether the women elected to be prostitutes, or were forced into the sex trade.

[via ABC New York]