We’re gearing up for Valentine’s Day, and romance is certainly in the air. In light of the hilarious comedy, About Last Night, coming to theaters Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share some romantic gems of our own.

Having a good first date is obviously important, but so is having good dates well into a relationship—ones that are so much fun they feel like first dates. So, whether you’re trying to impress a new prospect or simply keep things fresh with your better half, here is a list of 10 fantastic date spots that are likely available in your city.

Take to the Rooftops – Rooftop views are a great way to kick a romantic vibe, particularly with a cocktail or two in hand. Try to find an up-top spot that doesn’t get overcrowded, so you and your date can actually hear each other speak as you drink in the skyline.

Street Fair – A great way to keep things loose and go with the flow. Great food? Check. Low cost? Check. Vibrant energy? Check. You never know what you’ll stumble across that you’ll wind up still talking about years later.

Anyplace With Water Views – Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, or simply a city park with lake/river/ocean views, you just can’t beat the romance of a waterfront date…weather permitting, of course.

Comedy Show – Laughter is both the best icebreaker and the best medicine, and a good comedy show—be it stand-up, sketch, or improv—is a great way for you and your date to start off on the right foot. And if you happen to become the object of the performers’ mockery, just roll with it, brah. A little self-deprecation goes a long way.

The Old School Restaurant – Most other fellas have probably taken your date to some trendy, tragically hip restaurant that has a mile-long wait list. While that’s cool and all, why not change things up and go to a time-honored institution, be it an old world Italian joint or one of those chophouses where the whole staff wears vests. The old school vibe will actually feel refreshingly new.

Mini-Golf – Don’t laugh, it’s harder than it looks, presuming you’ve tracked down a good course. It’s also a great date activity as it keeps you and your guest on the move, not stagnant for hours on end. Just make sure you don’t become that overly competitive dude who takes it too seriously. Remember, guy: it’s only a putt putt game.

Hit the Alley – Bowling isn’t just for husky middle-aged men anymore. Odds are, your city has one or two sleek alleys with great drinks and delicious food (no more microwave pizza for you). Spare no expense and you’ll bowl your date over. (Get it?)

Work Outing – This one may be better suited for a non-first date, once you two have developed a bit of a rapport. And while it may seem like a stuffy idea, there’s no harm in showing your date that you’re competent at what you do and well respected by your co-workers—provided that’s actually the case.

The Local Dive – Some dive bars are fantastic. Some are just dumps. Same goes for hole-in-the-wall restaurants. But bringing your date to a true “hidden gem” is a solid way to show that your taste is not only good, but unpretentious too.

Live Music – There’s no more sure-fire way to make sparks fly than with some live tunes. Just make sure you choose the right band and genre. A Death Metal show will make the term "sparks fly" take on a whole new meaning.

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