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Philadelphia police are still searching for the man who has allegedly been exposing himself to women, then asking them to pleasure him with Swiss cheese. According to the writer who broke the story on Friday, authorities believe they've identified a suspect, so he decided to literally take the story to the man's front door.

Philadelphia Magazine writer Victor Fiorillo said that sources close to the investigation suspected 41-year-old Norristown resident Chris Pagano was responsible for the crimes. Before visiting Pagano's house, Fiorillo said he visited Pagano's Facebook page, which included a photo that 20-year-old Gabby Chest said matched that of a man who sent her an extremely creepy OKCupid message referencing Swiss cheese.

After answering the door, a shirtless Pagano denied all involvement and made his Facebook profile private within minutes. Pagano was reportedly arrested twice for allegedly soliciting prostitutes; the charges were dropped in both cases. Per the Guardian Liberty Voice, police sources confirm that the Special Victim's Unit is investigating.

[via Philadelphia Magazine and Guardian Liberty Voice]