Nintendo is a great company. In it's history is has reshaped the world of gaming many times over. But now, like that 40 year old uncle living in your mom's basement who insists – insists – that his Phish cover band is going to take off someday, Nintendo just seems out of touch.

In response to wretchedly bad sales last year of the Wii U, Nintendo Boss Satoru Iwata is falling on his sword and cutting his pay in half. He's not the only one though, many other Nintendo executives are also being taken down a notch. This after Nintendo racked up a $15 million loss from April to December of last year.

Satoru Iwata is a notoriously sensitive CEO as proof by the emotional banana picture above and by the fact that a couple years ago he punched an investor in the face – drawing blood - after the investor insisted on a response to why Nintendo was not pursuing the smartphone as a game platform. As of late it as rumored that this might happen, Nintendo quickly shot the idea down, why? No one outside the company itself seems to have a solid answer for the that one.

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[Via Kotaku]