In the hangover of the post next-gen releases it might be forgotten than Nintendo, why definitely on a completely different level than its two main competitors, Sony and Microsoft, still manages to kill it in a few categories. In fact Nintendo's 3DS hand held gaming device was the top selling gaming platform in the United States last year.

Certainly the under $200 price tag for the system and a game or two is similar to its direct competitor, Sony's PlayStation Vita but far below the price of a next-gen console. Even so for the same amount new gamers could pick up a Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for about the same price. The fact that players are reaching for the 3DS instead in a testament to the devices usability, family friendliness and to quietly releases a series of truly good games.

2013 on the 3DS saw the release of hits like Zelda: Link Between Worlds, Pokemon X/Y and niche but hardcore fan favorites Phoenix Wright: Dual Destines and Odyssey IV as well as a few other hidden gems. While Nintendo continues to struggle with its larger Wii U console system its absolutely killin' it in the hand held market. Win one for team Mario.

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[Via Kotaku]