This May, Disney is looking at the classic story of Sleeping Beauty from a different perspective in Maleficent. In the movie, Angelina Jolie plays the titular sorceress, who is driven by revenge to protect the land where she lives. The latest trailer for the film showcases Maleficent’s trademark villainy, but it also hints that the film will portray her as a fully fleshed-out character, as opposed to a being of pure one-dimensional evil.

First-time director, Robert Stromberg, has given the film a classic Disney look, especially when it comes to Maleficent herself, who looks exactly like she did in 1959’s Sleeping Beauty animated film. Keeping that Disney spirit intact can hopefully make Maleficent succeed where other live-action fairytale adaptations, like Snow White and the Huntsman, have failed.

Maleficent will hit theaters on May 30.

[via Collider]