All PS4 owners will be able to access Final Fantasy XIV's open beta next month, Dualshockers reports. That means anyone interested in the game's open beta will be able to try it out for free, regardless of whether or not they already have an FFXIV account.

The news, confirmed by Square-Enix earlier this week, should be welcome to anyone that's considering picking up a PS4 in advance of the beta's February 22 commencement. Square also said that interested players won't have to apply to be participate in the beta, either, seemingly confirming FFXIVers will just be able to download the beta from PSN. (The game on PS4 also reportedly doesn't require PS Plus to play, so that's one less expense to theoretically worry about on top of the game's monthly subscription fee.)

Final Fantasy XIV has garnered significant positive press since the heavily revised game was relaunched as A Realm Reborn last August. The game will be released in the US in April.

Via Dualshockers