Didn't get the phone you wanted for Christmas? Use the money your auntie and grandma gave you to get a more affordable unlocked Moto X.

Motorola just announced that it dropped the price of the Moto X to $399, down $180 from the original $579 price point. Not a bad price, especially considering that having an off contract phone lets you switch carriers at any time, and lowers your monthly phone bill in the long run. But, if $400 is still a little pricey for you, you're still able to get the Moto X for $100 from the big carriers like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, all with a two-year contract. If you're on the fence in general when it comes to the Moto X, check out our Moto X review.

One of the cooler things about the Moto X is its customization options, which lets you choose between hundreds of personalization features through the company's program, Moto Maker. You'll still have to add on $100 for the slick looking bamboo Moto X, though.

[via Venture Beat]