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Mile End Delicatessen
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
97A Hoyt St.

You think you know turkey sandwiches. You mother invariably made them for your school lunch a minimum of three days each week. You're intimately familiar with white bread slicked with Hellmann's mayo and how said white bread becomes slightly soggy after being trapped in plastic for three hours. But, for a moment, put your cafeteria flashbacks aside, and imagine a world where turkey is something to get psyched about.

"There" is Mile End Delicatessen. Yes, of Smoked Meat Sandwich fame. And, if you're unconvinced of turkey's merits, you haven't experienced their Grandpa sandwich. Thinly sliced smoked turkey meets its match in a tangy mustard and crisp, vinegary pickles. The soft rye has crisp edges, and is smothered with turkey rillettes with tiny pieces of dark meat visible. That's when you go from feeling like this about turkey sandwiches:

to having a full-blown, food epiphany:


And, by life-changing, we really just mean lunch changing. Same difference.