Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor is coming at us with a bunch of new ideas. Check out this gameplay walk through from IGN of the new, scariest thing in Mordor. The players character Talion. Talion is a half human, half wraith that can strike fear into his enemies and posses their solders.

Talion is one of the the Rangers of Gondor who were slaughtered Guarding Mordor's Black Gate between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. But Talion is kept from the land of the dead by a wraith spirit that inhabits him and gives him the power to travel in the wraith world, the same realm where Frodo enters whenever they put on the One Ring.

Check out the video above for some familiar but exciting combat and a new enemies system dubbed Nemesis. The combat closely resembles the fighting seen in recent Batman games – that's not a bad thing – in that it is brutal and graphically satisfying, thwacking enemies on the head and making clean cuts with Talion's swords.

The Nemesis system on the other hand seems entirely new. Nemesis means that not only will the same enemies look and act completely different on every play-through, they will also have different motivations and can be directed to do a multitude of your bidding. In the play-through above Talion defeats henchman Ratbag and sends him on a mission to kill his master. He just as easily could be sent to terrorize other troops or spy for him.

Talion repeatedly faces large groups of enemies and this is where the wraith half comes in. By entering into the wraith world he's able to quickly teleport, identify targets, and slow down time giving players the upper hand.

While there are plenty of ugly orcs to slaughter in the new Shadows of Mordor Talion looks to be the scariest creature around. One soldier facing down all the armies of Mordor in an open world. This just might be the Lord of the Rings game we've always hoped for. Stay tuned for more details.

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[Via IGN]