Does the $100 price difference play a part in which next-gen console you want to buy? Microsoft is now offering a limited time equalizer; bring in your dusty old PlayStation 3 to a Microsoft retail store and it'll give you $100 towards an Xbox One.

Or just forward this to your PlayStation fan boy friends and watch steam come out of their ears. Microsoft isn't going directly after Sony as gamers can also turn in their old Xbox 360 S or E versions and get the same deal. But this is definitely a nasty skirmish in the ongoing “console wars” between the two companies. Bad news? This is only available at Microsoft stores and isn't available online.

Microsoft's brazen deal runs through March 2. That gives you an entire month to clear out the dusty boxes and get something new and shiny. Check out complete details here at the Microsoft Store.

What are you going to do? Hock or hold onto it? What do you think Microsoft is going to do will the PlayStation 3s it gets?

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[Via Microsoft Store]