Despite being completely amoral, these robbers were generous enough to call friends for requests. 

Authorities in Brooklyn say that three masked men robbed a Brownsville liquor store, tied up employees, then spent two hours contacting friends for orders. "They were calling their friends on the phone. They were saying, 'What you want? What you want?'" owner Geoffrey George told the New York Post

With three more accomplices aiding them from outside of the liquor store, George said the robbers would set up boxes of liquor by the door, carry them to a vehicle when it pulled up, then return to set up a new order. The store essentially became a drive-through liquor service.

Police sources told the Post that the men took 55 cases of Hennessy, 10 cases of Ciroc and Patron each, and five cases of Baileys Irish Cream. Due to their top-shelf predilection, George estimates that they stole "between $45,000 and $50,000" worth of liquor. 

George does not have insurance to cover the cost of the stolen goods and police are looking into whether the robbery was an inside job.

[via New York Post]