"Montreal is very debaucherous. Our most recent Being Human wrap party was, to me—optimized is in its essence. Everyone was just getting crazy and by the end we were all messy and sweaty. And then I went to a wrap party in Toronto and everyone there was like, 'Oh, hello. It is so nice to meet you,' and all proper and serious. It was so weird."

"There's a real energy to Montreal, especially the artist area I live in. People make enough money to pay their rent and then have a good time. When I was growing up there, I didn't see it like that, of course. I'm bilingual, which is a byproduct of coming from Montreal, so I actually find it helpful when I'm traveling. I was lucky because I traveled a lot as a kid, and that helped me since I was living in a city with so many diverse people doing so many diverse kinds of jobs. It's not a city like Los Angeles, for example, where everyone is in the entertainment industry, or is trying to be in the entertainment industry. Montreal opens your mind up to so many different things."

"Neither of my parents are in the entertainment industry. My dad is a CFO for a pharmaceutical company, and my mom is a dentist. But my younger brother [Jesse Rath] is also an actor, so there was something about the entertainment industry that spoke to both of us. We often talk about this, but my brother is the kind of guy who is amazing at everything he does. Like, he tried to do this stop-motion animation film, and I watch it and it's incredible, it's this piece of art. He's that kind of guy. But acting was something I wanted to do since I was a kid, and when he saw me doing it he then fell into it himself."

"I've been trying to answer, for myself, the question of why I wanted to become an actor for years, and I think what it is is that I watched a lot of movie and TV while growing up, and I saw all these people dealing with these complications and feeling all these things. My family life, luckily, was very stable; I come from a really great family, so I never experienced that kind of turmoil. When I saw these people, I wanted to feel everything they were feeling. I wanted to go through all of that."