It's seeming more and more likely that this year will be the one that Matthew McConaughey finally receives a coveted Oscar nomination his performance in Dallas Buyer's Club. However, it's worth noting that this guy has actually been slept on for years—the Academy has ignored a ton of amazing performances from him, particularly this one from his 2003 film, Tiptoes

If you're not familiar with this masterpiece, here's a quick synopsis: McConaughey plays a dude who knocks up his hot girlfriend (Kate Beckinsale), and this forces him to introduce her to his family: Specifically, his mother, father, and brother (Gary Oldman), who are all dwarfs. Peter Dinklage and Patricia Arquette are also there for some reason, and the voiceover dude in the trailer describes Oldman's role as "the performance of a lifetime"—how could anyone not be into this?

Sadly, this film was not recognized by the Academy upon its release (straight-to-DVD in 2004 after premiering at Sundance), but it did receive the following review from Variety: "An honorable failure." And, from PopMatters: "[The film] substitutes schmaltz for sincerity to create a heated hate crime all its own."

Check out the trailer above. Movie night, anyone?