The finale of the Mass Effect series didn't just leave fans scratching their heads, it made some very angry. The various endings were even seen by some as disrespectful to the most committed fans and broke the very core of the game making all your discussions worthless. Now a gamer and fan of the series has rewritten Mass Effect 3 into a new alternate ending script.

Mass Effect 3: Vindication is a script full of new dialogue, missions that revises big plot points and character relationships and changed the much discussed, possibly hallucinogenic ending.


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"The endings are a third of ME3V and I've created more than ten new ending scenarios," author Gerry Pugliese writes, "including having Shepard and friends survive, and going on to live happy lives; or Shepard succumbing to the Reapers' power, turning evil, and enslaving the Galaxy, and turning many major characters into Reaper minions to serve at his/her side."

Part fan fiction part genuine attempt to make a more satisfying ending Pugliese is also looking for a job. "Hellooooo, game companies!" he writes. "And miscellaneous people who might want to hire me. If you like what you're about to read, I'd love to discuss any opportunities you might have... So yes, part of why I wrote ME3V is because I think it'd be really cool to work in the video game industry, and I know I can do it."

Invested fans can read the 400 page rewrite below. With over ten endings there are a lot of possibilities buried in there. Now that you've had some serious time to digest the endings of Mass Effect 3 are you any less angry? Or does developer BioWare's unintentional betrayal of its fan base linger?


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