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Clifford Hall didn't owe his wife any child support money, yet a Houston judge still sentenced him to six months in prison. 

Hall owed close to $3,000 in back child support, but claims the amount he normally owes was changed without his knowledge. "I discovered for some reason his employer was withholding a large amount some weeks a small amount some weeks a zero amount some weeks," his attorney Tyesha Elam told My Fox Houston. 

Hall quickly paid the outstanding balance because he "didn't want to go to jail, basically." 

Though his ex-wife's attorney testified twice that Hall didn't owe any money, she also wanted him to pay for her $3,000 in attorney fees. Judge Lisa Millard agreed. According to court documents, Hall wasn't adhering to court scheduled times to pick his son up for visitation, another provision he said he was unaware of. Millard promptly sentenced him to 180 days in jail. 

Judge Millard told My Fox Houston that she found Hall in contempt for walking out of the courtroom. She added that Hall's attorney could've filed a motion for consideration. His attorney is working on an appeal, meanwhile, Hall is still in shock.

"I can't be there for my son in jail," Hall said. "I can't pay child support in jail. This is not in the best interest of the child."

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