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Magic: The Gathering created a whole generation of card trading nerds. Turning mere card collectors into powerful wizards who did battle in their school cafeteria as makers raked in the cash with a never-ending series of expansion sets and tournaments. Now, The Hollywood Reporter writes that Fox has obtained the rights to produce a Magic: The Gathering movie.

While the movie is in pre-production phase it is reported that producer Simon Kinsberg is behind it. He's the same producer behind such films as Jumper, Mr & Mrs. Smith and most notably writing and producing the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. He even helped produce another board game related script for Ouija that will be out later this year.

So following the grand legacy of board games turned movies like Battle Ship, Reel Steel among other terrible Hollywood attempts here's to hoping this money-grab at least bests those two.

What do you think? Magic: The Gathering has no overarching storyline in the card series, would the narrative of a movie be something you want to see? Or should Fox learn the lessons of nerd-movie failures of last summer and slowing, gently planeshift into another realm?

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