Snapchat is probably the trendiest, most Tumblr-demographic-friendly of photo-sharing apps, which perhaps explains why HBO's Girls is using it to promote its anticipated third season.

I thought I couldn't be more excited about the @girlsHBO season premiere, but then they sent me this on @Snapchat.

— Sarah Harley (@lumpyspacederp) January 3, 2014

The show's official Twitter account introduced its Snapchat username, girlsHBO, this week, writing that "[t]his season, we're living snappily whatever after." One of the snaps sent by Girls'so far features a series of emojis referencing a viral plotpoint from the second season. The move follows in the footsteps of Fox's recent use of dating app Tinder to promote Mindy Kaling's The Mindy Project

No word yet on whether Girls is implicated in Snapchat's recent leak fiasco, in which four million users' account names and phone numbers were compromised.

[via The Verge]