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It looks like we might have some sort of hint about what that "secret" project that Jerry Seinfeld alluded to in his Reddit AMA is. If you don't recall, this is what Seinfeld said: "[Larry David and I] never obsess over anything that isn't mundane. Most recent was intentional mumbling. We wrote this script for this thing that you will eventually see but I can't reveal what it is at this time. All I can do is tell you is that it's big, huge, gigantic. Even bigger than that Amazon package."

Seinfeld offered no others info than that, but David may have just spilled the beans. In a new interview with Showbiz411 last night, David revealed the following:

Larry...told me: “I’ve written a play.” A play? For, like, Broadway? “Yes.” And Jerry would star in it? “Maybe,” he said. “We’re talking about it.” Or directing, or producing, sounds like. Don’t forget, Jerry produced and directed Colin Quinn’s one man show on Broadway.

Of course, while Showbiz411 claims that this is without a doubt the "secret" project Seinfeld referred to, David makes no such confirmation, so it could be that there's something else in the works. But hey, that "maybe" in response to Seinfeld's involvement with this play definitely isn't a denial, so it's possible this is it. Mystery maybe solved?

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