Hendrik Helmer of Darwin, Australia was bothered by a sharp pain in his ear early Wednesday morning. It wasn't a spider like he originally thought, it was still the absolute last thing you want to have in your ear.

The pain got so bad that he tried to suck it out with a vacuum, which, of course, only made the situation more complicated. His roommates finally convinced him to go to the hospital, where a doctor suspected that it was small cockroach that had crawled into his ear while he slept. 

The doctor attempted to flush it out with olive oil, but that only caused it to travel deeper into his ear canal where it died. Using a pair of tweezers, the doctor removed a roach that was nearly an inch long. 

Helmer told the Independent that doctors told him they " had never pulled an insect this large" from someone's ear. Now he and that dead roach are special.

[via The Independent]