On the February 5 episode of Arrow, titled “Heir to the Demon,” Nyssa al Ghul, daughter of Batman’s legendary foe Ra’s al Ghul, will make her debut on the show. She will be played by Katrina Law (Spartacus) and will have some business to attend to with Sara Lance (Caity Lotz).

As part of the League of Assassins, Nyssa will likely have evil intentions for Sara and Ollie after their recent run-ins with the organization. In the comics, Nyssa is portrayed as being much more malicious and homicidal than Ra’s’ more famous daughter, Talia. While her appearances in the books have been erratic, she made a big impact in Greg Rucka's Death and the Maidens miniseries. 

In an interview with IGN, Arrow producer Andrew Kreisberg said that Nyssa is, “the next wave of the League of Assasins that comes to Starling City. But she has some interesting secrets as well.” 

If the show is preparing viewers for multiple waves of Assassins, it's only a matter of time before Ra's himself appears in Starling City, which is bad news for Ollie and great news for comic fans. To get you ready for the debut of the al Ghul clan, take a look at the first pictures of Katrina Law as Nyssa below, courtesy of IGN:

[via IGN