Well, this is some excellent news. Turns out, that one time we all thought we'd seen the last of Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) when he was killed during the first half of season five in Breaking Bad, we might have been jumping the gun a little—according to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, there's the possibility that Mike might make an appearance on his new Breaking Bad prequel series, Better Call Saul.

The series is, of course, based on the character of Saul Goodman who in Breaking Bad was Walter White's lawyer. As it's set before the events of Breaking Bad, though, the series won't involve Walt—but it could easily involve anyone that Saul knew of before Walt, including Mike. 

Gilligan dropped the hint in a new interview with EW:

Could some of the action be set in the Breaking Bad era as well?
It could. That’s why I love the possibilities of the show so much. Anything is possible, and I can’t make any promises that we will indeed see that kind of stuff, but I can tell you from a writer’s point of view, it’s very freeing and emboldening to have those opportunities available to you.

How many characters from Breaking Bad might pop up or even have an extended role?
The character that springs to mind would be Mike (Jonathan Banks). That would be a great deal of fun. I would say the sky’s the limit, at least theoretically speaking.

Better Call Saul should premiere on AMC sometime between August and October of this year.

[via EW]

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