By now, everyone has seen footage of New York Congressman Michael Grimm embarrassing himself (on camera, albeit) by threatening to throw NY1 reporter Michael Scotto "off [the] f****** balcony" after he was asked about a federal investigation into his fundraising following President Obama's State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. 

Since a good number of people have rightfully taken to clowning Grimm for violently threatening a reporter on camera, Jon Stewart decided to get in on the fun. During last night's episode of The Daily Show, Stewart lampooned the GOP for a good five minutes, then went in on Grimm for having the audacity to try and menace a NY1 reporter. 

"You know what's almost more upsetting than knowing that Republicans from day one planned to sabotage the administration in every way that they knew how? Or that the guy threatening to hurl a NY1 reporter off a balcony is not a thug in a Batman film, but someone we elected to Congress? Or that the public persona these folks display is so radically different from how they behave otherwise? It's that he went after a NY1 reporter. NY1"

Stewart ends his rant with one more dart: "So before you throw that reporter off a balcony, Congressman, just know that once we hear about it—from NY1's "The Balcony Murder Report—we're comin' after you. Because if it wasn't for the greatness of NY1, we could've canceled our Time Warner subscriptions a long time ago."

There are some things you just don't fuck with. NY1 is one of them.

[via Pat's Papers]