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Well that was a fun afternoon, but according to Deadline, those rumors about Johnny Depp possibly playing Doctor Strange for Marvel have already been debunked. Apparently the two sides did meet a while ago to discuss the project; however, nothing ever came of it. Looks like Captain Jack Sparrow will remain Depp's big moneymaker for now. 

With Robert Downey Jr. most likely moving away from solo Iron Man movies, Depp would have been the perfect A-list star to keep the Marvel Universe interesting. Like Downey, though, Depp does carry a big price tag, and the studio doesn't usually like to pay big money to its leads. Even Downey had to prove himself before his big payday. 

Maybe this debunking is all part of Marvel’s plan to draw attention away from the rumor for leverage. A positive fan reaction regarding these rumors could mean an extra few million for Depp during negotiations. That’s probably not the case, though. For now, keep pumping out those fantasy casts, fanboys. Maybe someone is listening. 

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