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Marvel Studios sure isn't wasting time in 2014. Right on the heels of the Michael Douglas Ant-Man confirmation, Latino Review comes through with the next casting rumor that's so big it's probably true—even though both sides will undoubtedly do the dance of denial for the next few weeks, maybe even months—Johnny Depp is reportedly in talks to play Dr. Strange.

For the uninitiated, Doctor Stephen Strange is a mystical superhero, often referred to as the Sorcerer Supreme, who contends with threats of the magical variety. Over the years in the comics he's been affiliated with Spider-Man and the Avengers, but the nature of the character's storylines would move the Marvel films firmly into a fantastical realm that they've only just begun to explore. Casting Depp as the eccentric doctor would be a layup, and as Latino Review notes, he's already in Disney's good graces as their resident billions-generating pirate. It's simultaneously fan dream-casting and a deal that could actually happen.

Even if the deal does go down, the soonest a Dr. Strange movie would see the light of day would be 2016, meaning it doesn't factor into the batch of films Marvel considers a part of "Phase 2." That began with Iron Man 3 and will end with The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Whoever ends up signing on to don the doctor's signature cloak won't do so for awhile, definitely not in any Marvel films slated for this year. Read Latino Review's exclusive report here.

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